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Vegan Rice Bowls–Yummy!

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I’m obsessed right now with vegan rice bowls! These rice bowls are so simple and a great way to eat your greens! Well, yes, I really do like the idea of eating my salad first before eating cooked food, if I’m eating cooked food. But, honestly, it just doesn’t seem to happen. So I was inspired by Chipotle Mexican Grill’s veggie fajita bowl, the only thing I order there since I’m mostly vegan and gluten-intolerant. So here’s my fave rice bowl recipe. It’s quick and easy as long as the rice has been cooked earlier.

– brown rice seasoned with Spike seasoning
– mixed spring greens
– marinated tempeh sauteed in a little EVOO, Bragg’s Amino Acids, and water
– 1/2 avocado
– tomato

That’s basically it! You can add more ingredients if you like. You can add as much rice as you please, just be sure to add enough seasoning if you add a lot of greens. I use a big bowl and just mix it all together. It’s a quick and easy vegan meal that is very satisfying. You don’t need to worry about adding salad dressing either, so it’s a low fat meal. If you want to make it lower in fat, skip the avocado. But for me, this natural fat is a good thing and it really makes it taste even better. Enjoy! Chirp, chirp!


I’m Baaacckkk!!

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Hey, it’s Birdy27! I haven’t posted in FOREVER, but now I’m baaacckkk! I can’t tell you how much work it is to try to build a business, still work, teach yourself guitar, and just live! WHEW! It’s a lot. So I’ve been neglecting my blog. But a blog is essential to having a meaningful online presence, so here I am! I’ve got new designs, more health info, AND I’ve got knitting stuff going on! I’ve got more stuff in my Zazzle shop (including wedding labels,”save the date” cards, bridal invitations, greeting and note cards, and more), in the Spreadshirt marketplace, and I’ve got a new shop! (Zazzle:; Spreadshirt:; and Etsy: And please join me on Twiitter ( and please “like” me on Facebook and join my fan page ( Chirp, chirp!

Vegan Black-Eyed Peas–Totally Delicious!

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When I was growing up, I didn’t like southern-style black-eyed peas. Well, that was the only way my mom cooked them, so that’s all I knew. I also didn’t like collard greens or any veggies besides corn on the cob, green peas, raw carrots, cole slaw, and salad. (What a surprise to everyone when I became a vegetarian!) I don’t know why I wasn’t feeling all these things. Was the problem in the preparation?

Well, that certainly was the case with broccoli and cauliflower. If you cook any veggie too much, it is guaranteed to be nasty. But BEPs? You have to cook them well, but maybe my problem was with the big fat hamhock in the pan.

But back to BEPs. My first attempt at vegan BEPs was fantastic! I found fresh peas and I remember adding I tomatoes, onions, and garlic, but I was never able to recapture the magic. So I bid BEPs “adieu” for a while.

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to continue with the southern-theme of our annual veggie Thanksgiving feast. So I decided to give BEPs another try. I was inspired by my mom’s meatless version she was kind enough to fix for me when I visited. But I did something different: I added poultry seasoning. Yep, that’s right, poultry seasoning! That was the answer for me. Just organic BEPs, salt, pepper, EVOO, water, and poultry seasoning. Wow! One of my omni friends said they were the best BEPs she ever had, with meat or meat-free.

Since then I’ve tweaked the recipe a bit. And I tell you, the peas this past Thanksgiving were phenomenal, if I do say so myself. Here is the tweaked version minus exact amounts for the seasoning.

  • 1 bag organic black-eyed peas (don’t need to soak them, but you can if you want)
  • poultry seasoning (a good amount. the water and peas should darken)
  • garlic powder, fresh garlic or Garlic Gold (see note below)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • cumin (not a lot. it should enhance the flavor the poultry seasoning imparts, not take over)
  • EVOO (probably about 2 Ts, but skip if you’re going to use Garlic Gold)
  • water

Cook in covered pan until peas are nice and soft.

Note: for special occasions, I use a product called Garlic Gold. If you’re not raw, this is a fantastic product! It’s hard to find, though, even in NYC, so now I have four bottles delivered to me before Thanksgiving. It is toasted garlic nuggets in EVOO. Amazing!

I fixed some the other day and eat with brown rice. I had some left over and ate the rest without the rice. Um, um, um, um, um. Chirp, chirp.


Raw Seesaw

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Well, here I am again.  After several months of eating cooked vegan food, I’m trying to get back on my raw regime. I don’t exactly know why, but I feel better when raw. I felt really great for the most part last fall when I was raw (98% or more) for almost a month. I haven’t felt that good since and I really want to.

The best reinforcement for eating healthily is noticing that you feel better when you make healthier choices. Most of what I eat is pretty healthful: lots of whole foods and fresh produce. My life is full of “nos”: no animal flesh, no eggs, no diary, no butter, no soda, no white sugar, no hydrogenated oils, no canned food, etc. But there are still plenty of ways to mess up and I do mess up more often than I’d like to admit.

After giving in to most of my cravings, I’m through, I’m done. An old Sheryl Crow song jumps into my head as I think of what I’m craving now: “All I want to do is eat raw food.” Ha!

However, I’m going to be realistic. I’m aiming for high raw right now for as many days as I can manage and hope that eventually leads to feeling as good as I did a few months ago.

Perhaps this is a sign that my stint on the raw seesaw is coming to an end.

Sorry this is the first post in a while. Even though I’m busy working on my business, I’m going to try to do better.


raw mock tuna salad sandwich

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after seriously becoming interested in the raw vegan lifestyle, i have been obsessed with raw mock tuna salad sandwiches!  i’m not sure why.  when i was growing up, i used to eat tuna almost every day.  after turning vegetarian, that obviously changed, but the memory of tuna salad sandwiches with lettuce and tomato never left. before becoming gluten-intolerant and before learning of the possible problems with textured vegetable protein, i used to buy pre-made “tuna” sandwiches from the refrigerated section of health food stores.  those sandwiches took care of any tuna cravings in a hurry.  however, i had to stop eating wheat about 8 years ago and i became wary of TVP, so buh-bye “tuna” sandwiches, or so i thought.

i then discovered there was a way to have my “tuna” and eat it, too! raw, or living, mock tuna salad sandwiches give me back something i thought i was lost to me forever:  a piece of my childhood.

for months, i’ve been searching the internet for the best raw mock tuna salad recipes. i’ve tweeted numerous times about this obsession.  it’s amazing how powerful food memories are!  and that may be one reason why “mock” versions of old favorites are so popular with the veggie/vegan crowd.  although i haven’t had tuna in many, many years, the thought of it takes me right back to my mom’s kitchen and my childhood.  pretty wild.

this past summer i tried jennifer cornbleet’s recipe raw “tuna” pate and that was pretty good.  however, the hunt was still on.  it turns out that one of my vendor friends has been on and off of the raw food bandwagon for years and swears by chef chad sarno’s “tuna” salad recipe.  so the hunt may be over. 

if you find this post and have a great living “tuna” salad sandwich recipe, please feel free to post it here.  that would be fantastic!

happy new year!


3 weeks raw!!!

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well, i’m shocked and amazed! i’ve made it to almost 3 weeks raw with no major problems, no real cravings, no desire for cooked food! it’s a freakin’ miracle! i’m pretty much shocked re: how well it’s going. of course, i couldn’t have done this all by myself. i must sincerely thank the raw food section at westerly market on 8th avenue in NYC. those raw mock tuna salad sandwiches saved my butt! i can take care of breakfast and what little dinner i eat on my own, but lunch, my main meal, is where i need help. and since adelina’s closed and i can no longer order my fav raw vegan “burger”, westerly has taken up the slack. when the seasoning isn’t so great, i get a lemon and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! suddenly the sandwich is pretty tasty. i’ve been making creamy raw tomato soup, green smoothies, of course, jennifer cornbleet’s raw southern greens recipe with kale, and a few other things. trying to get more recipes under my belt that i can whip up quickly and easily. that, to me, is the key for being successful doing the raw thing.

now i’m having my usual problem: what to have for dinner? funny thing is that i’m not really hungry. but i made a big batch of creamy avocado tomato salad dressing, so i need to use it. need more salad greens, though. that’s one thing about raw: it seems that i’m always doing menu planning. and i still fall short. but i’m pulling through somehow. my raw buds on twitter and at raw rehab have helped a lot, so i’m feeling like i’ll be able to make it to thanksgiving. after that, all bets are off. LOL! well, i’m just being honest. there will be cooked food at the big veggie thanksgiving bash and i have to prepare some of it. i have to taste everything when i cook, so i’m just being honest. then after thanksgiving, i plan to get back to raw until christmas. should be easy this time, not like last year or the year before. whew! definitely making progress. pretty cool to see the difference.

great resources for raw recipes:

check these folks out! more good stuff to come!

Hello world!

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welcome to birdy’s world! i’ve been promising to do this blog for a while, but i’m finally getting around to it. what will i be covering in this blog? well, just about everything that is going on in birdy27’s world that folks might want to know. some of you guys may know me from twitter. if so, then you know i’m all into vegetarianism/veganism/raw and living food.  but i’m also in music, movies, theater, graphic designing, and more.  so i’ll blog about a little bit of everything.  i’m going to try to post more regularly than i did my last foray into blogging. (what a dismal failure i was at that!) oh, man, was that really 2 years ago?  then i was trying to figure out how to go raw. now i’m trying to figure out how to continue being raw. as with the emerging rawtarian blog (that was pretty much DOA), i’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. i blog about good info i find, good raw food products/gluten-free products, good raw food recipes, my raw food successes and failures, and other related stuff. also, birdy27 the entrepreneur will blog about new designs and products. there may be some movie reviews and some music-related info–hopefully some interviews with some of NYC’s indie artists. well, guess it’s going to develop as time goes on. again, welcome to birdy’s world!