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I’m Baaacckkk!!

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Hey, it’s Birdy27! I haven’t posted in FOREVER, but now I’m baaacckkk! I can’t tell you how much work it is to try to build a business, still work, teach yourself guitar, and just live! WHEW! It’s a lot. So I’ve been neglecting my blog. But a blog is essential to having a meaningful online presence, so here I am! I’ve got new designs, more health info, AND I’ve got knitting stuff going on! I’ve got more stuff in my Zazzle shop (including wedding labels,”save the date” cards, bridal invitations, greeting and note cards, and more), in the Spreadshirt marketplace, and I’ve got a new shop! (Zazzle:; Spreadshirt:; and Etsy: And please join me on Twiitter ( and please “like” me on Facebook and join my fan page ( Chirp, chirp!


I Heart Entrepreneurs!

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Ecopreneur Design by Birdy27

I heart entrepreneurs! I think I started realizing this after spending probably 50+ Sundays at the flea market with I don’t know how many other vendors. Tweeting regularly on Twitter with bunches of other entrepreneurs also contributed to this feeling. We create, we struggle to get the word out, we put our hopes and dreams on the line, and ride against the tide. I don’t know if it is courageous or crazy, but we believe we can do the different and build a business and a life for ourselves based on our talents and creativity. This “forge ahead despite the odds” often strikes me as, well, strange; however, we do it any way.

So I’m ready to commit to my support of entrepreneurs. Will you join me? Do you know vendors in your area or on or with really cool stuff? If so, will you at least consider purchasing from them instead of going to Macy’s? Will you tell others about the awesome, unique apparel or designs you copped? Will you promise not to just walk by a booth or quickly navigate away from the web page of a designer or crafter? We, the craziest of crazies or bravest of brave could use your help. For, after all, we really are keeping the American entrepreneurial spirit alive against the big boy corporation mentality. (Not that there”s anything innately wrong with that. But does it uplift the creative heart?)

Creating this cool new design for eco biz owners got me thinking about this. (Available on tees and other items through Birdy27’s Zazzle shop, Who U Be Tees, and on’s marketplace.) And I realized I really do heart entrepreneurs.

If you think about it, you might just find that you heart entrepreneurs, too!

Chirp, chirp.


post-thanksgiving–very busy

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well, i didn’t meant to go so long without a post, but i was so busy pre-thanksgiving and i’m still busy post-thanksgiving. so much designing to do before the holidays! i’m creating some custom gifts for friends and family as well as my usual task of creating more designs i hope the public will likey.

in addition to creating t-shirt designs, i started creating greeting and note cards. stressful, but kind of fun once the dimensions weren’t so much of an issue. now i have a mom’s b-day card with complete verse, a couple of xmas cards with verses, a couple of kwanzaa cards, some cards with shoes, and some other note cards. kind of cool. i had a couple of card verses published a while ago, so it’s interesting to now be the writer and the designer.

i’m also now designing stationery. my mom loves chocolate brown, so, for her b-day, i created a nice classic stationery design in chocolate brown, tan, and beige. she loves butterflies, so i designed some cute butterfly wings and they are kind of flying across the paper. she loved it! and i just finished a pig stationery design for a family friend who loves pigs.

i still love doing designs for apparel, but it’s kind of nice to branch out. this is gift-giving time, so it’s nice to have options, don’t you think? 

today is the last day of the extended cyber monday sale for my online items (not through my zazzle shop), so i’m trying to get a lot of stuff done. an entrepreneur’s work is never done.