Update re: Raw Mock Tuna Salad, Raw & Vegan!

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I just couldn’t take it anymore! Last weekend, I made a special trip to my fav place to get raw mock tuna salad sandwiches. Went to the counter and was mortified to see that there were no sandwiches! Not even a raw mock salmon salad sandwich! Thoroughly depressed, I said to myself “This is it! I’m going to make my own.”

So I bought some almonds–okay, not totally raw, but the best I could do on short notice–and more sunflower seeds. I soaked 1 cup of each overnight and the next day my Vitamix and I went to work. I used the Chef Sarno recipe as a guide. I don’t practice exact measuring, but I can tell you the ingredients. And one thing I’m learning about “uncooking”: you don’t have to be so exact. So, just like with regular cooking, I add and taste, add and taste, then add and taste some more.

  • 1 c each, almonds and sunflower seeds (soaked 10-12 hours)
  • lemon juice: probably the juice of 1-2 lemons (used 2)
  • sea salt to taste
  • 2 T kelp (or a little more)
  • a few squirts of bragg amino acids
  • dried dill, probably close to 2 T
  • dried basil, probably 1 tsp
  • chopped onions, probably 1/2 c (i used over 1/2 of small onion, too much?)
  • chopped celery, probably 1/3 to 1/2 c (i used almost 1 stalk, too much?)
  • a little water
  • a little agave or raw honey (if not vegan)–optional

I added everything into the Vitamix and added a little water as needed to get the mixture moving. (If you want yours to be chunkier, just Vitamix the almonds and seeds and then mix them in a bowl with everything else.) It took a while, but, man, it was slammin’! The first day I ate it by itself. The second and third days I put it on top of some raw flax “bread”–my fav brand, Love Force (Italian that day). Wow! I don’t have to buy prepared raw mock tuna salad sandwiches again unless I’m in a hurry!

I’ve got the nuts and seeds soaking now, so I’ll make some more today. Can’t wait! Chirp, chirp!


Update: This batch was good, but not quite as good as the last. It seems you have to add enough dill, lemon, and especially kelp. I kept adding more onions and celery, but maybe too much. But it is still good. I actually add a tiny bit of dulse. Not sure if it helped or not. Just a little different this time.


A Few Of Birdy27’s Cool Designs!

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I tried again to add images/photos to this blog and it worked! (What was I doing wrong before?) So here are a few images/photos of my designs on products. More to come.

Alphabet Grafitti, Multi-Color With Patterns

Alphabet Grafitti, Multi-Color With Patterns\

New York Four Brownstones, Multi-Color

Life is Good in Lydall Woods

Big Love Big Peace Upside Down

Designing Work Is Never Done!

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Whew! When I started my t-shirt business, the only thing I really knew how to do was write slogans/concepts. I had no idea what I was getting myself into! If you had told me five years ago that I’d also become a graphic designer, that I’d be selling products with my designs on them at a craft fair/flea market, that I’d learn how to build a website, I would have denied it all.

One thing I haven’t mastered is getting designs ready for various holidays; you have to think ahead in order to get the timing just right. And I never noticed how the holidays just keep on comin’. I find myself scrambling to do my holiday-themed designs early enough.

Now that Valentine’s Day is almost here, it’s time to start working on my 2010 St. Patrick’s Day designs. I’m decidedly not Irish and that has been a source of inspiration. I’ll post a few of them soon.

Since I started working with online print-on-demand companies, I’ve actually sold hundreds of  my slogans/concepts, the majority I’ve designed myself.  Scores of people I’ll probably never meet are wearing t-shirts with my designs and I’m eternally grateful to them all. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of my fans in person at the craft fair/flea market. It touches me when someone likes what I’ve created enough to hand me their hard-earned money. And the coolest thing is that they walk away smiling because I’ve created something they value. I LOVE it!

But designing work is never done, so I better get back to work. I tried to add some images in this post, but, um, I failed. Until i figure out how to do it right, you can find my designs at:

– Birdy27’s Zazzle shop: http://www.zazzle.com/birdy27

– Who U Be Tees: www.whoubetees.com

Oh, I should also say that my company name is ALA International. Go to the ALA International website to get to all of my shops and to see some of my cool designs.

I haven’t added anything lately to Kool Kids Tees and I Shop I Am Tees, but I’ll try to get to that soon. Go to my ALA International website for the latest Birdy27 info or bookmark this blog. Chirp, chirp!


Raw Seesaw

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Well, here I am again.  After several months of eating cooked vegan food, I’m trying to get back on my raw regime. I don’t exactly know why, but I feel better when raw. I felt really great for the most part last fall when I was raw (98% or more) for almost a month. I haven’t felt that good since and I really want to.

The best reinforcement for eating healthily is noticing that you feel better when you make healthier choices. Most of what I eat is pretty healthful: lots of whole foods and fresh produce. My life is full of “nos”: no animal flesh, no eggs, no diary, no butter, no soda, no white sugar, no hydrogenated oils, no canned food, etc. But there are still plenty of ways to mess up and I do mess up more often than I’d like to admit.

After giving in to most of my cravings, I’m through, I’m done. An old Sheryl Crow song jumps into my head as I think of what I’m craving now: “All I want to do is eat raw food.” Ha!

However, I’m going to be realistic. I’m aiming for high raw right now for as many days as I can manage and hope that eventually leads to feeling as good as I did a few months ago.

Perhaps this is a sign that my stint on the raw seesaw is coming to an end.

Sorry this is the first post in a while. Even though I’m busy working on my business, I’m going to try to do better.


myoshi marilla: indie music artist doing it for herself!

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i love indie artists!  there is nothing more inspiring than to see vocalists/musicians, visual artists, entrepreneurs, etc.  say to the world “i believe in myself and my creativity enough to produce it myself!”  who needs someone else to validate your talent?  if you have good judgment and you know what you create is marketable, get it out there yourself.  if you become hugely successful, well, that would be fantastic.  but even if you don’t fulfill every dream, you will enrich your life ten thousandfold.

one artist i really admire is myoshi marilla.  she is out there doing it for herself!  besides being unbelievably beautiful, she is truly an indie artist with soul.  her jazz-influenced vocals and her tight jam-style band made her debut EP one of my favs.  the vibe reminds me of the brand new heavies, one of my favorite bands of the 90s, one that brought the groove back into the R&B scene.  i remember singing BNH’s huge hit “never stop” with my former band and loving the jazzy funk feel.  well, myoshi marilla is bringing back that groove in a big way.

every song on her self-titled EP is a jam!  from the rock-tinged swing of “smile” to the sweet melody of “angel”  to the retro funk of “livin’ for me,” this is an indie EP that delivers.

while myoshi’s vocals remind some of jill scott, sade, and india of the BNH, she still has her own signature sound.  it is a warm sound that is also hauntingly cool.  as a lyricist, myoshi tackles the subjects of love, romance, and self-empowerment in a modern, yet old-school way.  and her band really swings!  catch a live show and you’ll be just as impressed as i was.

it isn’t easy for indie artists to build a following, so please support them.  they add so much to our musical landscape.  check out myoshi marilla!  her EP can be purchased on www.cdbaby/artist/myoshimarilla.com.   and let me know how you like it!


raw mock tuna salad sandwich

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after seriously becoming interested in the raw vegan lifestyle, i have been obsessed with raw mock tuna salad sandwiches!  i’m not sure why.  when i was growing up, i used to eat tuna almost every day.  after turning vegetarian, that obviously changed, but the memory of tuna salad sandwiches with lettuce and tomato never left. before becoming gluten-intolerant and before learning of the possible problems with textured vegetable protein, i used to buy pre-made “tuna” sandwiches from the refrigerated section of health food stores.  those sandwiches took care of any tuna cravings in a hurry.  however, i had to stop eating wheat about 8 years ago and i became wary of TVP, so buh-bye “tuna” sandwiches, or so i thought.

i then discovered there was a way to have my “tuna” and eat it, too! raw, or living, mock tuna salad sandwiches give me back something i thought i was lost to me forever:  a piece of my childhood.

for months, i’ve been searching the internet for the best raw mock tuna salad recipes. i’ve tweeted numerous times about this obsession.  it’s amazing how powerful food memories are!  and that may be one reason why “mock” versions of old favorites are so popular with the veggie/vegan crowd.  although i haven’t had tuna in many, many years, the thought of it takes me right back to my mom’s kitchen and my childhood.  pretty wild.

this past summer i tried jennifer cornbleet’s recipe raw “tuna” pate and that was pretty good.  however, the hunt was still on.  it turns out that one of my vendor friends has been on and off of the raw food bandwagon for years and swears by chef chad sarno’s “tuna” salad recipe.  so the hunt may be over. 

if you find this post and have a great living “tuna” salad sandwich recipe, please feel free to post it here.  that would be fantastic!

happy new year!


thanksgiving and beyond–raw food

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well, another thanksgiving has come and gone. i had a fabulous time with my veggie friends in brooklyn! after we ate, we danced and danced and danced. what fun! the kids are now certified party animals. “we got the funk!”

that was a week ago. here’s how it went:

– i knew i couldn’t stay raw for the holiday, so i ate more cooked food pre-thanksgiving.

– on thanksgiving morning, i prepared all 3 dishes:  1. broccoli with EVOO, garlic, rosemary, and sun-dried tomatoes. it was delicious as usual. (my arms are long, so i have no problem patting my own back.) 2. vegan black-eyed peas. i’m so proud of this dish because it’s not easy getting southern-style dishes traditionally seasoned with meat to really rock. well, these peas ROCKED! 3. jennifer cornbleet’s amazing raw southern greens dish embellished by yours truly. this was the first time i prepared this dish for our veggie dinner and it was a huge hit! thank you, ms. cornbleet! raw kale never tasted so good.

– i hadn’t had tofu in a while and nik-nik’s barbeque tofu was hard to resist. so i didn’t. took some home and fnished it on friday. hadn’t had any tofu in over a month, but friday i felt fine.

– i started craving rice macaroni and soy cheese, so i found out how to make the cheese sauce and i gave in. that was saturday and i had the rest sunday night. but sunday is when i acknowledged that i was sluggish. the sluggishness continued all week. i knew it was going to be able to quickly go back to raw, so i gave myself until the end of the week to work on it.

– today was mostly raw and i had a lot of energy in the morning after my green smoothie. i’m glad to no longer feel like i have to indulge my every cooked food fantasy. hopefully i’m back to eating mostly raw until i leave for the holidays.

so it’s now clear to me that eating cooked veggie food opens the door to more cooked food cravings. this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but i hope to be able to get back to a mostly raw diet quicker next year. maybe that way i can avoid the dreaded sluggishness.