Hey! I’m Birdy27, a graphic designer/actor/writer/singer/songwriter and all around creative person. I LOVE to create and conceptualize. This blog will deal with everything in my world–hence the name “Birdy’s World.” (I usually use all lowercase and did for the first few post, but decided it a little confusing.)

For those interested in my designs/slogans/concepts, I’m definitely going to blog about them. I’ll let you know about current sales and promotions, too. I’ll also post pictures and images of my stuff. To see everything, go to my company website, ALA International, and click, click, click! I’ve got tons of designs and I create more all of the time. Through my Spreadshirt shops, my Zazzle shops, and local sales at craft fairs and flea markets, I’ve sold hundreds of my designs imprinted on t-shirts, doggy tees, bags, aprons, stickers, buttons, magnets, and more. Very cool!

But I’m also a long-time vegetarian, mostly vegan, and I love to post my recipes and thoughts on meat-less living. I’ve also been flirting with raw vegan foods for a while, so I’ll include posts about that.

I do a lot of things and have a lot of interests, so I’ll also blog about entrepreneurship, movies, indie artists, tips for those doing t-shirts, and probably many other topics.

So welcome to Birdy’s World! Take your shoes off. Stay a while. Make yourself at home. Chirp, chirp!



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