raw mock tuna salad sandwich

after seriously becoming interested in the raw vegan lifestyle, i have been obsessed with raw mock tuna salad sandwiches!  i’m not sure why.  when i was growing up, i used to eat tuna almost every day.  after turning vegetarian, that obviously changed, but the memory of tuna salad sandwiches with lettuce and tomato never left. before becoming gluten-intolerant and before learning of the possible problems with textured vegetable protein, i used to buy pre-made “tuna” sandwiches from the refrigerated section of health food stores.  those sandwiches took care of any tuna cravings in a hurry.  however, i had to stop eating wheat about 8 years ago and i became wary of TVP, so buh-bye “tuna” sandwiches, or so i thought.

i then discovered there was a way to have my “tuna” and eat it, too! raw, or living, mock tuna salad sandwiches give me back something i thought i was lost to me forever:  a piece of my childhood.

for months, i’ve been searching the internet for the best raw mock tuna salad recipes. i’ve tweeted numerous times about this obsession.  it’s amazing how powerful food memories are!  and that may be one reason why “mock” versions of old favorites are so popular with the veggie/vegan crowd.  although i haven’t had tuna in many, many years, the thought of it takes me right back to my mom’s kitchen and my childhood.  pretty wild.

this past summer i tried jennifer cornbleet’s recipe raw “tuna” pate and that was pretty good.  however, the hunt was still on.  it turns out that one of my vendor friends has been on and off of the raw food bandwagon for years and swears by chef chad sarno’s “tuna” salad recipe.  so the hunt may be over. 

if you find this post and have a great living “tuna” salad sandwich recipe, please feel free to post it here.  that would be fantastic!

happy new year!



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