myoshi marilla: indie music artist doing it for herself!

i love indie artists!  there is nothing more inspiring than to see vocalists/musicians, visual artists, entrepreneurs, etc.  say to the world “i believe in myself and my creativity enough to produce it myself!”  who needs someone else to validate your talent?  if you have good judgment and you know what you create is marketable, get it out there yourself.  if you become hugely successful, well, that would be fantastic.  but even if you don’t fulfill every dream, you will enrich your life ten thousandfold.

one artist i really admire is myoshi marilla.  she is out there doing it for herself!  besides being unbelievably beautiful, she is truly an indie artist with soul.  her jazz-influenced vocals and her tight jam-style band made her debut EP one of my favs.  the vibe reminds me of the brand new heavies, one of my favorite bands of the 90s, one that brought the groove back into the R&B scene.  i remember singing BNH’s huge hit “never stop” with my former band and loving the jazzy funk feel.  well, myoshi marilla is bringing back that groove in a big way.

every song on her self-titled EP is a jam!  from the rock-tinged swing of “smile” to the sweet melody of “angel”  to the retro funk of “livin’ for me,” this is an indie EP that delivers.

while myoshi’s vocals remind some of jill scott, sade, and india of the BNH, she still has her own signature sound.  it is a warm sound that is also hauntingly cool.  as a lyricist, myoshi tackles the subjects of love, romance, and self-empowerment in a modern, yet old-school way.  and her band really swings!  catch a live show and you’ll be just as impressed as i was.

it isn’t easy for indie artists to build a following, so please support them.  they add so much to our musical landscape.  check out myoshi marilla!  her EP can be purchased on www.cdbaby/artist/   and let me know how you like it!



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