raw broccoli!

i LOVE broccoli! don’t know how this happened. as a kid i hated nearly all veggies–well, with the exception of raw carrots, coleslaw, and green peas. (imagine my parents’ shock when i told them i was going to be a vegetarian!) i won’t bore you with a step-by-step description of my pretty remarkable transformation into a veggie lover, but it surprises me to this day how much i love anything green. lightly steamed broccoli was the beginning of the transformation. once my tastebuds grew up and realized how incredibly delicious broccoli was, it was on! it opened me up to just about every other vegetable–green and non-green–available in the U.S. broccoli, i’m not worthy.

for years broccoli was my go-to veggie. i worked on my steaming technique and would often have a broccoli mono-meal. never a cheese lover, just some EVOO and a little sea salt worked for me. when i wasn’t going to be around anyone, i’d add lots of garlic. when i wanted something more, i would pair it with potatoes or brown rice. really, i could eat broccoli almost every day!

however, i would miss my broc friend every time i tried to eat raw. i added it to salads and, if i had a really good dressing, that would work. i tried a raw recipe or two, but raw broccoli, well, just didn’t move me like the steamed version. it just tasted too, um, raw. i’ve been searching the internet for interesting recipes, but the main one was a broccoli and chedder-style raw adaptation. um, not for me.

the other day, two words popped into my head: broccoli pate. those two words may have changed my opinion of raw broccoli forever! i found a few recipes on the internet, but today decided to try a combo that thrilled me as much as cooked broccoli. and it worked! i’m actually amazed at how easy it was. can’t wait to eat it tomorrow.

i’m not very good at measuring ingredients. when i cook or “un-cook,” i keep “messing around” until what i’m preparing tastes good or is at least edible. so i’m going to give you the list of ingredients and, if you try it, encourage you to “mess around” until it tastes good to you. i don’t know if the recipe is perfect yet, but i know i’m successful when i want to continue eating my concoction. and that happened today, but i’d had enough seeds, so i’m saving it for tomorrow. yum! maybe it will be even better then.

birdy27’s basic broccoli pate

1 stalk broccoli, finely chopped florets and part of stalk

5-6 sundried tomatoes, soaked and soft

a little EVOO

maybe 1/4 c. sunflower seeds

sea salt (optional if you’re salt-free)

black pepper

a little water (you can use some of the sundried tomato soaked water)

note: i had planned to use rosemary, but quickly realized i had none. oops!

i put everything in the vitamix–yes, the vitamix. i don’t have a food processor, so everything goes into my fav blender.  i used the low setting–grrrr. then i tasted it. OMG! it was good! wow! i then wished i had some good raw crackers on had (haven’t found any i like–and most are way expensive. plus, i don’t have a dehydrator). but it was good solo.

since i can’t stop “messing around,” i wondered how it would taste with some garlic, so i added a little garlic powder. yep, that worked. then i added a little lemon juice. that worked, too, though both garlic and lemon juice may be unnecessary. i FINALLY found a raw broccoli dish i really liked! go, birdy, go birdy! i also tried adding a little dried basil; that was interesting, too.

this pate may be kind of rich since it has seeds and EVOO, so i don’t know if i could eat it all of the time. we’ll see. but i “messed around” and tried another variation minus seeds. i added about 1/2 of a large tomato and at least 7 sundried tomatoes and dried basil (fresh is probably best if you have it). um, well, it was edible, but i’m going to have to work on a viable seedless version. back to the drawing board.

now i can continue my torrid love affair with broccoli even when i’m raw! most excellent! feel free to let me know if you “mess around” with the basic ingredients and how it goes. next time i will try it with rosemary.



2 Responses to “raw broccoli!”

  1. made this pate again and realized i used more sundried tomatoes. maybe 8? and 1/4 cup sunflower seeds.

  2. The quality of the info is what keeps me on this site, thanks!

    Wish You a Merry Christmas. 🙂

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