3 weeks raw!!!

well, i’m shocked and amazed! i’ve made it to almost 3 weeks raw with no major problems, no real cravings, no desire for cooked food! it’s a freakin’ miracle! i’m pretty much shocked re: how well it’s going. of course, i couldn’t have done this all by myself. i must sincerely thank the raw food section at westerly market on 8th avenue in NYC. those raw mock tuna salad sandwiches saved my butt! i can take care of breakfast and what little dinner i eat on my own, but lunch, my main meal, is where i need help. and since adelina’s closed and i can no longer order my fav raw vegan “burger”, westerly has taken up the slack. when the seasoning isn’t so great, i get a lemon and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! suddenly the sandwich is pretty tasty. i’ve been making creamy raw tomato soup, green smoothies, of course, jennifer cornbleet’s raw southern greens recipe with kale, and a few other things. trying to get more recipes under my belt that i can whip up quickly and easily. that, to me, is the key for being successful doing the raw thing.

now i’m having my usual problem: what to have for dinner? funny thing is that i’m not really hungry. but i made a big batch of creamy avocado tomato salad dressing, so i need to use it. need more salad greens, though. that’s one thing about raw: it seems that i’m always doing menu planning. and i still fall short. but i’m pulling through somehow. my raw buds on twitter and at raw rehab have helped a lot, so i’m feeling like i’ll be able to make it to thanksgiving. after that, all bets are off. LOL! well, i’m just being honest. there will be cooked food at the big veggie thanksgiving bash and i have to prepare some of it. i have to taste everything when i cook, so i’m just being honest. then after thanksgiving, i plan to get back to raw until christmas. should be easy this time, not like last year or the year before. whew! definitely making progress. pretty cool to see the difference.

great resources for raw recipes:






check these folks out! more good stuff to come!


4 Responses to “3 weeks raw!!!”

  1. I bet it’s a lot cheaper, too? Cool post!

    • hey! thanks for stopping by. well, to tell you the truth, one reason i’ve struggled with being raw is because it is so expensive! i would always go over my food budget. i eat organic food pretty much exclusively and, if you want to watch your bank account dwindle, go raw organic vegetarian/vegan! LOL! but i just feel better when i’m raw, so that’s why i continue to try it.

      i guess it CAN be cheaper, but for me–and many others–it isn’t. however, this time around i’m really working on trying to find a way to spend less money. i’ve been more successful. well, maybe not. today i went to pick up a few things and, before i knew it, i had spent $82! ouch! i wish i could spend less and i’ll keep trying. i must admit that i usually buy prepared raw sandwiches for lunch and sometimes a prepared raw dessert, and those items, although reasonable, drive up my costs. but i haven’t figured out good lunch alternatives yet and i like them. perhaps when i have viable substitutes, my raw-penses will decrease. i hope so. my new attempts are minus some of the stuff i’d really love to buy–raw cacao, goji berries, and a lot of other things i can’t think of right now. others use them, but, for me, they are prohibitive if your budget is a concern.

      a long answer to a short question, but i try to be thorough. 🙂 good to meet you!


  2. So…maybe not a lot cheaper! 🙂 Good answer!

    • thanks! well, i’m getting a little better as far as spending money, but i’m omitting a lot of things i would definitely buy if money weren’t an issue. but it’s worth it, i think. just need to make sure i’m getting all my nutrients.

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